This filmmaker’s life is like a movie!

This week’s‘s audio podcast features  Chicago-based indie filmmaker, John Rangel, a man whose real life sounds like something out of a romantic film. Something sweet like Breakfast at Tiffany’s except he didn’t have to fight a rich guy for his wife’s hand.  John spent his grad school year’s at top notch film school, Chapman University, where he made a short film that got him meetings with HBO and Showtime, but didn’t lead to development for any of his next projects. In sheer frustration, John and his producing partner funded his first feature themselves, and are now using kickstarter to fundraise for his second feature, The Girls on Liberty Street.

In true indie spirit, it would be fantastic if you have a moment to donate even a dollar to Mr. Rangel’s campaign. He’s a full-time film instructor, husband, and father to 3 kids, which John himself says is “like having 3 extra jobs,” but in a good way. And somehow in spite of all of this, John has still managed to keep making films.

This podcast happily turned into an intimate conversation about John’s marriage and life as a dad and filmmaker, so for anyone out there married with children and still making films, this audio podcast will probably hit home with you. It might even make you cry if you’re a sensitive soul too. We also discussed how scared we are for kids who grew up on social media and can twitter, but can’t talk. That gives us the heebie jeebies. Happy Monday, and enjoy!

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