Luxury Watch Valuation

When the time comes to sell a watch, the natural instinct is to wonder, “what is my watch worth?” By asking oneself a few basic questions, answering honestly, and conducting a measure of research, it is possible to ascertain an accurate price range for a given make and model of wristwatch. It is important to […]

What are the Most Popular Luxury Watch Brands?

What watch brands are most in demand? The luxury watch marketplace is an endless sea of values that rise and fall, but like any sea, this one has its alpha predators. In general, the sports watch segment dominates the luxury watch market; Rolex, Omega, Breitling, IWC, and Officine Panerai lead in collector interest and marketplace […]

Where Can I Sell My Watch?

Owners with one or more watches to sell often wonder, “Where can I sell my watch?” In this, the first of a two-part survey, the major marketplaces on eBay and chrono24 are reviewed and rated for owners who wish to sell watches.

The Best Way to Pack and Ship a Watch

When preparing to sell a watch, anything but an in-person deal will require secure, insured, and rapid shipment. The best way to pack and ship a watch revolves around comprehensive accessories, robust packaging, and a premium shipping service. By ensuring the quality of packing and shipping, a watch seller can maximize his return upon appraisal […]

How Much Is My Watch Worth?

“What is my watch worth?” It is the first question asked by anyone with at least one timepiece to sell and the desire to liquidate it. But the pathway from a watch to cash-in-hand passes through knowledge of one’s timepiece, research of prices, evaluation of condition, and patience. Each of these areas requires an examination […]

Should I Consider A Luxury Watch Trade?

When a collector decides that the time has come to sell a watch, he should explore his options for trading watches. Asking, “Should I consider trading my watch?” should be a universal step in the decision process when rotating the contents of a luxury watch collection. There are two primary avenues to pursue: private trades, […]

How To Prepare A Luxury Watch For Sale

So you want to know how to prepare a luxury watch for sale? 1. Put Yourself In the Watch Buyer’s Shoes When the time comes to sell a watch, it is best for owners to assume the perspective of a watch buyer. When seeking to buy a watch, collectors want three assurances. First, the watch […]

How to Determine Watch Condition

When selling a watch, it is natural to ask, “How do I determine the condition of my watch?” Previous installments of this series examined the process of researching pre-owned watch price ranges; therefore, the question of condition will determine where in a given model’s price range your specific example falls. Fundamentally, “condition” describes two separate […]

Remembering The First Omega Speedmaster

Omega’s Speedmaster family of chronographs celebrates its diamond jubilee in 2017, and most of the watch world is preoccupied with tributes to the famed “Moonwatch.” But while watch writers contort themselves to recount every one of those sixty years through the lens of a NASA telescope, this survey celebrates a single Speedmaster model that split […]