Become a Priest or start an online distribution network for indie films?

Grab a beer, and listen to The Watchbox Founder, Jerad Anderson talk about the choices he made and how screwed he got when trying to distribute Girlfriend, a film he produced:

2 thoughts on “Become a Priest or start an online distribution network for indie films?

  1. I followed the story of ‘Girlfriend’ right from the very start, from the announcement of the cast, through to production with Shaun O’Banion tweeting from the film set, Jerad doing a Q & A on twitter from the set, post production with Shaun O’Banion talking everyone through processes such as colouring and ADR, to its release at festivals, then onto DVD, Watchbox, and finally the well deserved Gotham Award.
    To be able to follow a film through that entire process was a huge eye opener, and as fans we learned a lot about the movie making process, the hard work invoIved and the commitment of the producers.
    ‘Girlfriend’ is a remarkable film, honest, intense and beautifully filmed. Some scenes left me with tears in my eyes, and I am sure that there were many others who were deeply touched by the storyline and its characters.
    Whats so good about Watchbox is that not only is the movie available instantly, but it can be watched in all countries. In many cases DVD doesn’t give you that option. I have the ‘Girlfriend’ DVD, but now, if anyone asks about the movie the first place I can send them is to Watchbox and then they can purchase the DVD at a later date.
    I wish you all continued success with Watchbox, I’m sure its going to be a huge success.

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