Listen, learn, and laugh with indie film guru, Jason Brubaker

This week’s‘s audio podcast features Jason Brubaker, an LA-based independent Producer and the man behind the website, Filmmaking Stuff, a site that takes you kindly, but firmly by the hand and tells you that if you want to be a “modern moviemaker” in this day and age, you have to know how to distribute, market, and handle your film like a business. Not things that modern moviemakers want to necessarily hear, but in this audio podcast, Jason B will pretty much convince you to wake up and smell the coffee. Even if you think it smells like 5 day old coffee. Get a good taste of Jason’s blog here.

Jason Brubaker

Jason just wrote a book for those of you who like to read: How to Make, Market, and Sell Your Movie Without the Middleman!  Really, who likes middlemen anyway?Jason B. also talks with interviewer, Laura Zinger (owner of Chicago-based, indie production outfit, 20K Films) about Purple Pinecones, why he dislikes the term, “Independent filmmaker,” and invites her to shoot guns with him at a gun range the next time she’s in LA. The interview does includes a great analysis of whether as a modern moviemaker, you should make the film you want, or the film your audience will watch, a useful debate for anyone making films on their own today.

You don’t want to miss this weeks’ audio podcast. It’s almost like eavesdropping, and we all know you all like to eavesdrop. Plus, since it’s an hour long audio podcast, Mr. Watchbox gives you permission to multitask while listening.

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