How snobby is’s Nic Baisley?

This weeks audio podcast on features Nic Baisley, the creator of, which self-proclaims itself as “a voice for indie film.” And indie indeed, because Nic slept on floors and couches on his move from his home state of Massachusetts to Los Angeles, California in order to grow the snobbery. Disclaimer, Nic is disappointingly not snobby, and loves cats, which could be seen as a sign of snobbery, since many cat lovers tend to be snobbish (don’t worry, many of us at Watchbox HQ own cats), but even with his love for cats, he came off as the one of the nicest guys I’ve ever talked to. He’s also worked at Blockbuster in two different countries. functions as a community for indie filmmakers and I would even go so far as to say it serves as a support group as well, and Nic keeps it brim full of interesting content including indie film reviews and video interviews with independent filmmakers. One of my favorite interviews on the site is this one (, featuring Sundance 2012 filmmaker Andrew Ahn, who made his film as a way to come out to his parents as gay, which is one of the most heroic things I’ve ever heard. That’s what indie film at its highest potential can be: a way to tell your parents everything you’ve ever wanted to tell them but couldn’t. Or your ex-girlfriend, best friend, or maybe even your cat. is also currently hiring writers! Their hot job of the moment is a “Weekly Indie Horror Column Writer.” Check it out! indie Horror is probably one of the fastest growing film genres right now. (

Enjoy this interview, and check out Seriously, I don’t even know if we really talked about filmmaking…and can someone please tell me if Eddie Brandt’s Midnight Special still exists out in the Valley out there?!! Nic didn’t know because he just moved there.

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