This Filmmaker wants you to “Just Say No to Shooting 48 Frames Per Second.”

This week’s audio podcast from features indie filmmaker Chris Folkens who recently transplanted from Chicago to Los Angeles in order to pursue a career in studio filmmaking. Chris and I (Laura Z) sat down outside a local Starbucks to kick it old style (did I mention I’ve known this guy since I was in college?!  That’s a good ten years ago for any of you who don’t know me.) when he was back in Chicago to shoot a music video.

We talked about why Directors should edit and learn how to act. Chris took the workshop, Directing Actors with Judith Weston  shooting on the RED CAM vs HDSLRs, and Chris’ absolute abhorrence of shooting 48 frames per second that James Cameron and Peter Jackson are trying to push into mainstream filmmaking.

Did I mention Chris just moved to LA? And has already given Jerry Bruckheimer his business card? If you’re out there and kind to newbies, invite him out for coffee or one of those soy milkshake thingies that are oh-so-popular out there. Yum. I think I want one right now. With a hamburger and some fries. Hmmm, that sounds good.

You can find out more about Chris and his work here: Mystic Films 

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