“Dreams Do Come True, They Just Take Longer to Happen.” A filmmaker interview with Steve Garrett

This week’s audio podcast from thewatchbox.com features filmmaker, Steve Garrett, the Director of Wake, currently available on The Watchbox.

Steve Garrett is a hilarious guy. But Wake is the furthest a film can get from comedy. Steve shot Wake guerrilla style over the course of two years, which included only paying for one location during the entire production, opting just to pretend they were just tourists when shooting scenes at Venice Beach.

Wake is surprising in how much it aimed to have a heart and to massage the viewers’ hearts during the film. All characters, as troubled as they were, still tried to do the best they could. There’s something infinitely touching in a film that tries to show the goodness in people, instead of leaving their evil asses hanging off of cliffs literally and metaphorically at the end of the film.

Steve and I talked about the making of Wake, how much he wanted to quit every day, and how he battled his feelings of never wanting to make another film again because it was so hard. (He’s working on his second film now.) Then we talked about video games and how they may or may not be ruining today’s youth.

You can find out more about Steve here:
Facebook Page for Wake the Movie: http://www.wix.com/adriennezi/wake#!production

Steve’s Website (Wake the movie’s working title was “Skate or Die:” http://www.alwaysmovingpictures.com

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