Producer, Brett Thompson, Talks Smart about Working with Artists, What Makes an Attractive Project, and Kickstarter

This week’s audio podcast from features Producer, Brett Thompson, who produced the independent film, The Scenesters, which screened at Slamdance and most recently the feature, It’s a Disaster, starring Julia Stiles and David Cross, and is premiering at the Los Angeles Film Festival on June 20th and 23rd. (If you want to go, ticket info is below.)

Brett shares how his finance background and love for creativity contributed to his entryway into producing, as well as what he looks for as a Producer when selecting his projects such as good pacing and a script that isn’t over descriptive. Brett likes his screenplays lean.

Brett also shared his opinions on The Canyons Kickstarter campaign. He also thinks that a billion dollars was waaaaaaay too much for Facebook to pay for Instagram.

You can purchase The Scenesters on here. and iTunes here.

You can purchase tickets to It’s a Disaster here.

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